25 December, 2016

Doctor Who: Master of Time

It was promised in the Doctor Who kickstarter. A collaboration of FarSight and the BBC was to bring a new Dr. Who table to Pinball Arcade. Today it has arrived. A scant three months after the release of the classic Dr. Who table the new creation is here. And it's a beauty.

This table has all the elements that I find attractive. It is very dark which means that even the "invisible" FarSight silver ball would have been clearly visible. Still, I prefer playing with the yellow one which is also nicer from a purely aesthetic viewpoint. The playfield is not simply uncluttered: its lower part is simply empty. This means that one has to make precision shots in order to reach the various targets. Aiming for the Police Box may look simple but unless you are careful you end up looping around it. And talking about loops I love the high-left flipper initiated ones. In fact I spend most of my time trying to improve my loop record, (which I wouldn't reveal in the absence of my attorney :-) ).

To put it in a nutshell. If you don't have anything better to do on this Christmas day (and reading this post is a proof thereof) go and buy Doctor Who: Master of Time. It's fully worth the money. And I for one, I do not regret having backed the kickstarter that brought this table to life.

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