24 December, 2016

Gladiators, the new pinball by FarSight

The year ends on a high note for Pinball Arcade with the release of not just one but two new tables. The first one (I will devote a special post to the second) is a rather oldie one, released in the 90s. It was planned as a Zelda-themed table which was repurposed and ended up as Gladiators.

It is a nice game with plenty of things to do. If one is careful one can get a high score rather easily. The reserve one can detect in the previous sentence has to do with the central drain. It is wide as a highway and one has to aim carefully so as not to have a ball returning towards the middle of the table. While essentially uncluttered, the lower part of the playfield is heavily decorated which means that one has to choose a ball of the proper colour. For me the blue one does it. A nice game to spend Christmas eve with (as to the one for the Christmas day itself, well, just wait for the next post).

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