01 December, 2016

Two great oldies by FarSight

Just three months after the release of one of the greatest classics (I'm talking about Eight Ball Deluxe which I adore despite the frustrations I have been writing about in previous posts) FarSight is bringing to life two more great oldies. They are even older than 8Ball since they were produced in the 70s. Those who follow my blog know that I am an unconditional oldies' fan. This comes from the fact that I played pinball essentially in the 60s, on rather primitive machines but which were really fun playing. So, whenever a recreation of an old table comes along I approach it with trepidation, hoping that I have not set my expectations too high. With the most recent FarSight release I got what I was hoping for. Moreover this time we are having a two-table set, so who is going to complain?

The first table from the past is Jacks Open

It is a card game themed table with a very simple layout and really uncluttered table. The fact that one must aim at targets which are rather far makes the game more challenging. The side lanes, where the ball can drain (but not necessarily) provide just enough tension in order to make the game more interesting.

The second table is Centigrade37

I really like its graphics which are characteristic of that period. The table is richer than that of the Jacks and one has plenty of things to aim at. The side lanes have the same arrangement as in the Jacks which means that at times you just see the ball draining without being able to do anything. (Nudging, in the FarSight simulations, is unfortunately a very primitive one and so, most times, I do not even bother to use it).

I enjoyed very much playing these two games (and I will definitely continue playing them). So, if you think about investing in some FarSight tables, now is the time.

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