08 December, 2016

Should we say good-buy to Pro Pinballs?

Betteridge's law of headlines says that "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no". In the present case I just hope that the law applies but I am rather pessimistic about it.

What did push me to write this post? As you most probably know I am a Pro Pinball Kickstarter backer and thus I have access to the VIP section of the Pro Pinball forum. When the release of Timeshock started being seriously delayed (and that was three years ago) people complained that we, backers, were kept in the dark. Thus the weekly update scheme was introduced. Every week, somebody, but almost always Adrian Barritt the mastermind behind Pro Pinball, was giving a progress report. And then in July of this year the weekly updates stopped.

Some people reacted wondering what did happen but no answer ever came. This led to my post entitled "Are the weekly updates gone for good?" (again hoping that the answer would be negative). Then a week ago people started complaining that they were promised physical rewards (key-rings, T-shirts, etc.) which never materialised. Personally I do not care at all about trinkets but what I find insufferable is the total silence of the developers. A long time ago I had predicted, given the snail pace of development, that the money from Kickstarter would run out. It seems now that this is what happened and that we are never going to see the ultra edition of Timeshock (for me that would mean a new physics engine) let alone any other Pro Pinball. Well, I can live with this, but to all of us Pro Pinball fans Adrian Barritt is morally bound to come out clear. We must know what happened and what to expect (even if the answer to the latter is "nothing").

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