21 December, 2016

Pinpop Vegas: extreme pinbal

I really don't see what is extreme in this bad pinball imitation. Or rather the things I find extreme are all negative. It's slow; it does not run on 32-bit machines (buy-buy iPad mini 1); it asks you to login either with Facebook (over my dead body) or as guest (but when you opt for the second choice you are sent back to a screen with only Facebook as choice). The graphics are rather nice, vaguely cartoony, but this is the only positive thing I can find about this pinball.

In fact I am not sure it is a genuine pinball. For me it looks more than a pinball-inspired game. And do not get me started on physics. At times you feel like playing with a ball weighing one ton. Finally, one preposterous thing: the game has a jailbreak detector. When it detects a jailbroken device it spits a message in korean and it shuts you out of the game. No wonder that it got one-star ratings in iTunes preview. One advice: forget it!

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