09 August, 2012

Again, Sierra and Maxis

Sierra continued to produce pinballs for the Mac and the second in the series of 3D Ultra Pinballs, Creep Night (1996), was a substantial improvement over the first. Again a three-table game, Castle, Tower, Dungeon,

it had better physics, the 3D effects were more realistic and a touch of humour made the game more playable. Still this was clearly more a game than a simulation and after having tasted ProPinball everything else was bound to look bland. 

Maxis came back again with the second installement of its series, Full Tilt 2 (1997), again a three-table game, Mad Scientist, Alien Daze, Captain Hero, 

Contrary to Sierra there was no improvement in this second pinball. There were more special effects, the graphics more 3D looking but the game was even less interesting and the short tables quite unrealistic. 

Sierra continued with the third pinball of the series, The Lost Continent (1997), a 16(!)-table game. (There are most probably differences between the Mac and windows games. For a detailed description of the game you can consult the allgame site). Here are a few screenshots (for a comprehensive presentation you can head over to MobyGames):

In fact, Lost Continent is a mixture of pinball and arcade game where the pinball part does not play the principal role. 

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