09 August, 2012

Littlewing gathers steam

Now that Littlewing were back to business they started producing high-quality pinballs with great regularity.
In 2002 they presented us a small masterpiece: Jinny Zeala. 

It's a single-table simulation but fully worth its money. The game is 1001-nights inspired, with clearly oriental graphics (superb, by Reiko Fujita) and music (although the harem girls look as if they have been recruited in some old-west saloon). You can spend hours playing this game: it is simple and funny at the same time (although it takes very long to master everything). The simulation is perfectly fluid and moreover it plays, carbonised, on OSX. Multiball is equally fluid as the single-ball game. My main critique is that the ball can drain a little bit too easily and moreover there is no temporary ball-save at the beginning of each ball launch. Losing your ball during the first 5 seconds of the play can be a major frustration. 

Jinny Zeala gave birth to a variant, known as Psychedelic"o",  which was a collaboration of LittleWing and a Japanese rock band called Love Psychedelico. 

It was bundled as a novelty for the first edition of a mini album called "Aha!(All we want)" in 2006. The main background music is the instrumental version of the Love Psychedelico single "Aha!". In the game jingles are replaced by their hits of the same band, some of them specially recorded for the game. (I am perhaps the only person outside Japan with a copy of this pinball :-)).

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