12 August, 2012

On pinball mediocrity

Some pinballs are not bad: you can play them if there is nothing better, otherwise you forget about them. Take for instance Dino madness. 

It's kind of a cute game with so-so physics.

Pinball City NY is better. 

I do like the black&white table which manages to convey some special atmosphere, although the perspective is, somehow, bothering me. I would have given it a honourable mention were it not for there next "city" pinball, Paris, which came out on iOS and which is really lousy. I know I am being unfair but I cannot help it.

Zen pinball is a five table game, Sorcerer's Lair, Marvel's, World War, Fear itself, Infinity Gauntlet,

I must admit that I played only the first, freeware, game. From what I saw I was not ready to spend money on tables I would most probably not like. Zen pinball, for me, is a game, not a pinball simulation. The tables are overburdened with graphics. During the game you have plenty of things moving, which distracts you from the game itself. Thus, although not totally devoid of interest, this game is not worth a honourable mention.


  1. I agree that the Zen is nothing like a traditional pinball.. however, I like all the distractions, bells and whistles.. which may be why I like Dream Pinball so much..
    I may clear off a hard drive to put Lion on, seeing as SO many pinballs insist on it now.. sigh (!)

  2. Is this the Mac version of Zen Pinball? Because I have the collection on iPad, which includes: Sorcerer's Lair, Fantastic Four, Excalibur, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor and Epic Quest. I bought all, and happen to like 'em. Especially Excalibur had me hooked for quite a while. Definintely worth the in-app purchase.

    1. Nevermind, I found it in the AppStore on my Mac. My comment on the iOS version still stands though.