08 August, 2012

The prehistory

This is supposed to be the history of Pinballs on Macintosh. But before the Mac, Apple turned out some sleek machines and, at least on Apple II, a host of games was available.
Probably the best known pinball game on the Apple II was Raster Blaster

This was not the only one. David's Midnight Magic 

did exist for the Apple II, as well as the Pinball Construction Set

Gamasutra has an interesting article on the history of PCS.

I must confess that I never played these games on the Apple II. On the other hand I spent hours playing Serpentine, a game which inspired Slithereens of Ambrosia).
I have tried to find some indication on the Web for games developed for the Apple III and Lisa but to no avail. We can safely surmise that no pinball did exist on these machines. 

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