11 August, 2012

The Gameprom pinballs

Gameprom, an Unkraine-based company, started producing pinballs for iOS before graduating to the Mac. In fact they did so first by proposing a remote controller application for the iPhone which made possible to control the flippers of a pinball running on the Mac. Shortly afterwards they introduced the first three pinballs which run on the Mac, controlled by the keyboard. Still I find the idea of a remote controller really excellent and it's a pity that Gameprom did not find imitators.

Their pinballs are quite nice simulations with realistic physics. The first bunch of three tables, Wild West, The Deep and Jungle Style 

were of increasing intricacy in that order. Still they retained their playability and interest. However the tendency to more and more graphically weighty tables was confirmed in the following tables of the series. In particular the Slayer table

is borderline, esthetically-wise, (to say nothing of the accompanying music) while the three tables of War Pinball, Platoon, Navy Seals and Missing in Action, 

although much nicer, make for less playable simulations. Unfortunately this tendency is present in the iOS pinballs as well as we shall see later. Still, the Gameprom pinballs are, together with those of Littlewing and Farsight, the only ones I could recommend for the Mac.

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  1. Gameprom released a new table for their Pinball HD package on iOS. It's called 'Arcade' and incorporates old school arcade videogames in the table controlled by shooting targets. Maybe it's not 'pure' pinball because of this but it's a very creative idea nonetheless. I've tried it and found it entertaining enough to keep me busy for hours.