09 August, 2012

Littlewing keeps the flame alive

First there was a superb new Littlewing pinball: Monster Fair. (I really like the flippers of Fujita-san, although I find that the right flipper of MF is not very accurate).

Not only that but the old Littlewing pinballs Crystal Caliburn, Looney Labyrinth, Angel Egg and Golden Logres became OSX-compatible and moreover at no cost for registered users: a great gesture.

Then Littlewing produced another superb pinball simulation: Fairy Tower.

I am convinced that the physics engine has been rewritten (or at least seriously tweaked) for this simulation. Playing FT one has the feeling of an excellent fluidity on par with the one of the Empire pinballs. Moreover FT has a four-ball multiball and manages them without any strain on the processor (even on my old G3 iBook). The only criticism that I can formulate is that the tasks are somewhat repetitive and thus, unless one is after a high score, the game may lose interest after some time.

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