09 August, 2012

Littlewing rediscovered

Another miracle happened in 1998: the rediscovery of Littlewing. They have not disappeared and somehow Sam Gabrielsson managed to locate them. They were always active and had produced another Mac Pinball: Angel Egg (1996-99). It stayed for years in demo version and came out as full product only late in 99. 

It is a great multiball machine. However Angel Egg had not been a priority because the Fujita's were actively preparing another Mac pinball: Golden Logres. It came out at the end of 98 and (to my opinion) it is a great pinball: you have the impression of a game inside a painting gallery. And something unique for LIttlewing game, Golden Logres is a three-table simulation, Camelot, Land's End, Fisher King,

Although the physics are excellent (with slightly unusual "sticky" flippers) the effort needed in order to graduate to a higher table is based on many repetitive tasks and, unless you are very patient, you cannot progress.

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