09 August, 2012

Fox's foray into the digital pinball world

At the beginning of 99 Fox interactive surprised everybody (well, at least, myself) by announcing a pinball set, for both Mac and PC. They delivered on their promise and the Fox pinball saw the light of the day. Frankly I regret having paid 40 dollars for this game. The only thing that is interesting is the general, gore-oriented, theme. Four (in fact, five) different tables are present, Aliens, The Fly, Predator, Buffy,

but, the physics are below average, the graphics mediocre, the table layout not better than that of the PC pinballs of 10 years back, and the play quite boring. The only table worth something is the vintage "The Fly" table: 

The Fox Pinball is the lousiest port I have ever seen. It does not run on most machines (I suspect that screen resolution has something to do with this), although it played smoothly on my iBook.

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  1. Hey, incidentally, how doo you get the vintage "Fly" table?.. That one looks interesting to me, but I just don't have the patience to play through on this game long enough to get the points needed.. Did you, or did you find a patch? Let me know! Doc