09 August, 2012

Royal Flush resurrection

Then a resurrection occured. Royal Flush (remember the Amtex project) resurfaced (1998) as a freeware pinball. Its author, Gerard Putter, had been hired by Amtex to port the game to Mac. Since Amtex disappeared without paying him a dime he considered that he could do as he wished with this pinball and thus he offered it to the Mac pinball fans at large. The port is great: the game plays even more smoothly than the PC original. 

As I keep playing it I cannot help thinking that the simulation part of the code must have been written by Littlewing. Probably Amtex got the code from them (they were collaborating at the time, remember) and would use it to build the simulations of classical pinballs. I guess that we have to ask Fujita-san if we wish to learn the truth. 

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