11 August, 2012

Another Littlewing gem

Just after Mad Daedalus, Littlewing announced that they were working on their first i-pinball. The idea was initially to port Crystal Caliburn but finally they decided to revive the old classic Tristan. That was an excellent idea, all the more so because Tristan was not available for the new Macs since time immemorial. 
The new Tristan is a superb reconstruction of the old one with a simple table and great playability. 

It came in two versions at the same time: for Macs and for i-devices. The price is also adapted to the new iTunes/App Store ones, another argument in favour of an unhesitant purchase.  The super low prices of both stores are motivated by the reasoning that, if you sell twenty times more copies, you can afford to have the price slashed by a factor of ten. I hope that this equation works for Littlewing. They are the ones who kept the pinball simulations alive for the Mac even through the most depressing times and I, for one, am one of their greatest fans.

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