09 August, 2012

On freeware and crapware

Freeware pinballs on the Mac are quire rare thus every new one is really special (unless you can afford the money for a real digital pinball, that is). The third Mac freeware pinball was Emilia. It's a two-table simulation

It's essential merit is being free.

Freeware is one thing, crapware is another. At around 2008 there appeared the worst pinball simulation ever. It's a  craptacular construction under the pretentious name of MacPinball. 

Do you notice the watermark on the screenshot? What are they thinking? Is anybody in their right minds going to steal the graphics of the table? I do not think that a person of such bad taste does exist. I cannot find anything positive to say for this game. Even some amateur programer would not have dared proposing this garbage as a freeware. Can you imagine that the MacPinball developer is selling it for 20 $? 

The same guy is persisting and keeps revamping this infamous pinball. The name has now changed: it is called now "Pinball"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The price has also changed: it is sold on the App Store for 3.99 €. I would more gladly throw that money out of the window than buy this awful thing. 

Talking about crapware, I should mention another one: Alpha pinball. At least this one is based on a solid physics engine and the game has some fluidity. 

However, the graphics of the game are amateurish, the gameplay is inexistent and the initial price was outrageous: 20 $. It was later reduced to 3.99 $ but for me the game could only be acceptable as a freeware.

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