08 August, 2012

More from Littlewing

Littlewing moved to StarPlay and produced two more great pinballs. Both were 2D but they had a better 3D look-and-feel with ramps and tunnels. The physics were top quality as always. The first Crystal Caliburn (1993) 

is by far the most challenging and indeed the most interesting although quite frustrating at times. Loony Labyrinth (1994) 

came soon after and was clearly a much easier game. The only point is that once you learned how to play, every game took so long that it became boring. This was taken care of with a patch that limited the number of extra balls. (Both games exist today in what Littlewing calls the Internet Edition: you can download them from the website and buy a serial number online). However back in to mid-90s Starplay went away from pinball games and Littlewing dropped below the radar. Fortunately that was only temporary.

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