09 August, 2012

Are those pinball?

I am aware that there are some pinball-looking games which, well, kick at a ball with flippers. 

Do they qualify as pinballs? It depends. 

The one on Monty Python's Total Loss of Time CD certainly does not. However the Timon and Pumba jungle pinball on the Disney Lion King CD is an acceptable pinball. 

Although not very realistic physics-wise, at least it is funny. 

There is also Garlic Pinball on Kid's Arcade CD: this one is downright lousy. I cannot imagine people paying for games of such a quality. There is also Pinball Science. This is an educational game which is supposed to teach you basic physics letting you build your pinball table. The game is so-so but it is rather fun to play.
Finally I remember reading that somebody had produced (bad quality) pinball games for the PC using the Klik n Play application. Although Klik n Play was no big success on the Mac there may exist some Mac pinball table out there written with K&P. Who knows? (And, also, who cares?).

Then there is the pinball game tied with Monsters Inc. movie. 

Can I say anything positive about this game? Unfortunately not: the simulation is lousy and the graphics really bad. 

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