08 August, 2012

The Mac Pinball history, reloaded

I have always loved playing pinball. When I was at high-school I could spend hours learning the workings of some particular machine and becoming real expert. With the advent of personal computers I discovered digital pinballs and, while they could never match the feeling of a real machine, they were more than O.K. by my standards. I was also a great Mac fan from the outset hating the beige crapware under winshit in its various guises. Thus I had to contend myself with whatever was produced for the Macintosh. Well, Mac pinball fans could get frustrated at times, but still there were excellent pinball simulations running on the Mac. 

At around the end of the 90s I stumbled upon a wen site called the Tower of Pin. It was administrated by a young pinball fan from Sweden, Sam Gabrielsson

I know he will hate me if he ever discovers that I published his photo of his but then, I found it through google images so...
Since there was no compilation of the existing Mac pinballs I decided to produce one myself and thus in 98 the first installment of what I dubbed the Mac Pinball history was published. It was updated regularly till the recent demise of the Tower. (Sam finished his studies at the University of Upsalla and the realities of adult/professional life caught up with him and thus the pcpinball.com site could not be maintained anymore).

A copy of the Mac Pinball history is stored at my personal site at Paris University but I felt that a new way of communication was mandatory. Thus inspired by the blog of my friend Doc/Nick I decided to covert the Mac Pinball history into a blog. (Nick has also a very thorough review of the best online, flash-based, pinballs. If you are hunting for some freeware pinball game you should definitely head over to his blog).

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