09 August, 2012

Odds and ends

Two more pinball games were brought to my attention at around 2000.  

First there was the strange announcement of a new pinball: JMM, produced by some swedish company. I contacted them and tried to obtain more details. Unfortunately at a certain point they just disappeared and the whole project went down the drain. I got to play the only existing demo of this pinball thanks to Sam Gabrielsson. The game looks somewhat amateur-made. Sam thinks it was made using Macromedia's Flash: if this is true then this opens whole new possibilities in pinball creation. The game is not very bad. The simulation is not worse than Sierra's commercial products although the graphics are rather low-quality. Well, anyhow this game does not exist and I do not think one can find even the demo anywhere.

Then there is a missing item. In my list of Mac Pinballs I have missed one. A Mac pinball under the name of Tropic Island appeared at around 1995. It was produced in Japan for the short-lived Pipin platform. The game is in japanese but a patch, converting the menus in english, does exist. Tropic Island is cute: nice music and graphics and acceptable play. It's a pity that no demo seems to exist for this game.

Marco Visser was really kind to go into all the hassle of emulating System 7 in order to get a screenshot of Tropic Island. Here it is 

Thanks a million Marco.


  1. I found Tropic Island Pinball on my old disks. Was not so easy to get it to run on my current mac. But with use of Basilisk II emulator I could install old 7.x MAcOS system and run Tropic Island Pinball again. Not very smooth so I could not really enjoy playing as I used too but enough to make a screenshot for you. I hope this works:


  2. Marco, any chance you can rip the music from that game and make an mp3 of it?