08 August, 2012

The rise of Empire

While playing the old Littlewing pinballs out of frustration I came across an announcement in a french Mac magazine of a new pinball. It was produced by an english company, Empire. I called them, ordered the pinball and a miracle happened. Pro Pinball, The Web (1996) 

arrived and metamorphosed the computer-pinball world. The simulation was smooth, the game interesting; everything was done cleverly and with exquisitely good taste. Moreover the code was so nice that it played perfectly on the very same 180C that chocked up on the Maxis pinball. The protection by that time had become standard: CD in the drive. This was the source of a further problem for me and another occasion to appreciate the Empire people. When I upgraded my powerbook to a 3400 with a CD drive (even Mac people must upgrade from time to time) the program could not recognize the drive and refused to play, requesting the presence of the CD in the drive. I called the support at Empire and (after some time, admittedly) I obtained a patch that allowed everything to run smoothly.

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  1. You might be interested to know the Pro Pinball series might be revived including a new table designed by Pat Lawlor if the project gets funded on Kickstarter.