08 August, 2012

Mac Pinballs

When the Mac first appeared it was a supersleek machine but the only available games were of a quality well below that of Apple II games. The lack of colour was a serious limitation for players and developers and it plagued the Mac till the appearance of Mac II. The first, to my knowledge, Mac Pinball was the Pinball Construction Set (1985). I have never seen this game in action. The only time somebody tried to show it to me, the game bombed immediately and we had to abort the test. From what people say the physics was, well, totally irrealistic but the fact that you could build your own pinball table might have been interesting. Here is a table made with PCS:

There were probably shareware tables for Pinball Construction Set but I do not think one can find them any more. Moreover Pinball Construction Set plays only on old Macs like a MacPlus. Consider it as museum piece.

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