10 August, 2012

The last Mac OS-only Littlewing pinball

In 2009 Littlewing announced that they were working on a new pinball based on the same Minoan theme as Loony Labyrinth. It came out in 2010 and it's named
Mad Daedalus. It is a superb simulation with many subtle difficulties. The screen itself is a work of art with the daylight advancing with each ball from morning to evening to night.

It takes quite some time to master all the subtleties and scores above a billion require patience and time.  

At the time of the appearance of MD we already knew that Littlewing were working on their first iOS pinball, but more on this later.

(The moniker "Mac OS-only" is with reference to Apple-produced machines. Littlewing does sell pinballs for wintel machines as well, but, as you may have already guessed I am not at all a fan of that kind of PCs).

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